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The Wild Rovers

Line-Up: Trio

Lead Vocals: Male vocals

Guide Price: £637

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Genre: Ceilidh



Ceilidh Wedding Band Hire Durham - The Wild Rovers - The Irish Rover

Ceilidh Wedding Band Hire Durham - The Wild Rovers - Sally MacLenanne

Ceilidh Wedding Band Hire Durham - The Wild Rovers - Tell Me Ma

Key Info

Based: Durham

Guide Price: £637

Genre: Ceilidh

Line-Up: Trio

Lead Vocals: Male vocals


Ceilidh Wedding Band Hire Durham - The Wild Rovers

If your taste in music lies on the lively side of Irish, The Pogues, The Dubliners, The Saw Doctors, Floggin' Molly, The Dropkick Murphys, Brendan Shine, Nathan Carter, The Fureys and even the odd Foster and Allan now and again, then this is the group for you! - They're not a folk band, they're not a ceilidh band, they're not even a rock band, they are an out and out Irish music group, playing some of the greatest Irish classics in their own inimitable style, no-one is doing this selection of songs in this lively a style anywhere in the UK today!

Despite none of the members of the group being from Ireland (Like many a good Elvis tribute not being from Graceland), They have played at some of the biggest and most prestigious events not just in the UK but all over the world and have been accepted as a true Irish tribute act purely through their clear love and passion for performing that type of music, they have performed in Benidorm, Greece, Dubai, Germany and Las Vegas as well as being the darlings of the UK racecourse scene playing nearly all of the major courses and events on the racing calendar. 


So you want Irish music for your function? Well, there’s a few choices, do you want a traditional acoustic group sat in the corner in cardigans drinking real ale and singing about the plague, do you want a ceilidh band playing tunes that last 18 minutes each and badgering your guests to do set dances, do you want a rock band that plays thin lizzy and U2 to be able to fit into the Irish genre or do you want the best, liveliest, highest rated, most professional, hardest working Irish group in UK today?  If it’s the latter then you’ve one choice.. 

Put quite simply, over 12 years this trio of reprobates have become the UK’s number 1 Irish music group, they play great Irish songs with punch and pace. Middi is the quintessential frontman, a fantastic singer with a razor sharp wit playing guitar, accordion and mouth organ (not all at the same time!) With John on live guitar and Ryan on live bass their unique sound is backed up with studio recorded drums (Ben Tutt: Valvetones, V8’s) Fiddle (Sophy Ball: BBC folk award winner) and Piano (Tony Davis: Prelude) giving them the sound of a 6 piece band but with the affordable price tag of a trio. They come armed with a PA system that can handle anything from a bathroom to Wembley stadium and have received constant glowing feedback not just about their performance but also their personalities and professionalism, these are great guys playing great music. Please make sure you check out their top quality videos and the FAQ’s
Have a night you won't remember with a band you'll never forget!


Whiskey in the jar - Own version
Wild Rover - Dropkick Murphys
Sally Maclennanne - Pogues
Black Velvet Band - Own version
Las Vegas - Goats don’t shave
Galway Girl - Own version
I’ll Tell Me Ma - Own version
Streams of Whiskey - Pogues
I Usta Love Her - Saw Doctors
American Land - Bruce Springsteen
Fall from grace with God - Pogues
Mollys Bar - Own version
Dirty Auld Town - Own version
Irish Rover - Pogues
Holloway Boulevard - The Popes
Irish Post - Saw Doctors
Ferrymen - Own version
R U Looking at me - Ricky Tomlinson
Whiskey You’re the Devil - Own version
Small Bit of Love - Saw Doctors
When you were Sweet Sixteen - Own version
Holy Ground (Fine girl you are) - Own version
The Night Paddy Murphy Died - Own version
Body of an American - Pogues
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Molly Malone (Cockles and Muscles) - Own version
Seven Drunken nights - Own version
Nancy Whiskey - The Popes
Bould O Donaghue - Brendan Shine


Morning Nicola, I would like to say what a fantastic night was had by all at Lynn’s birthday with the band. They have been brilliant and very professional and I would recommend them to anybody who was having a function. The club where they played on Saturday would also recommend them. But, the most important thing was that Lynn was over the moon. So once again many thanks for all your assistance in arranging the band and please pass on our thanks to the band for making it a very special night for Lynn.Martin Van Aalst, Birthday Party Event, Lancashire

Amazing band everyone at the wedding loved them. Every single person was up dancing, thank you so much and apologies that I didn't get chance to thank them personally before they left.Diane Robinson, Wedding Event, Lancashire

The band were amazing and everyone who attended had a superb night. Will certainly look to get the band for any further functions at a later dateJames Murray, Wedding Event, Lanarkshire


How many of you are in the group?

As a rule there is three of us, Middi, John and Ryan. If one of the group is unavailable for the date you request we may offer the other two as a duo, the line up will always feature Middi.

Can we book Middi as a solo act?

No, sorry, due to contractual obligation in the UK Middi will always work with the  trio. 

How much do they cost to hire?

Roughly £600-£800 Depending on Where in the UK the venue is.

What time do you arrive and how long does it take you to set up?

For a typical evening event, we'll arrive at 6pm to be set up and sound checked by 7pm. Our standard performance time is 2 x 60 minutes and singing our last song at 11.30pm. If you want us to arrive earlier or finish later this is an option on an hourly extra charge but performance time will still be 2 x 1 hours maximum.

What if we only want you for an hour, would that be cheaper?

It makes no difference, we'd still have the same costs getting to and from the venue and we'd still be booked out for the night so you have to pay full fee,
some people like just 1 hour of full on lively stuff cause it suits their evening but we always offer the full 2 x 1 hour option. 

Can you do 3 x 40 mins instead?

Yes, but it doesn't work very well, the show gets too broken up that way, as always it's your choice on the day but we wouldn't recommend it.

Can we pay you for an extra set?

Yes you can, If you'd like an extra hour it's £350 extra 

Can we also hire the musicians who are on the backing tracks?

Yes, however, it is hard to co-ordinate the other musicians as they all come from other pro-touring bands, Price for the full 6 piece start at £1800 for the night.

How much to book the fiddle player with you?

If she's available (which is rare) then you can add the fiddle player to the line up for £160 extra 

What's the biggest place you've played?

Peterborough Arena, we played there for the motorhome show, it was huge. 

How much space do you need?

Our dream space is a 4m wide x 3m deep raised stage, however, we can pretty much play anywhere, we've played in living rooms, garages and smoking shelters before. 

Can you play outside?

Weather permitting, yes, however, you must provide us with some kind of shelter, a gazebo or similar in case of rain and to stop us getting sunburned
(Remember, our guitarist is Scottish, which means he can get sunburned watching a firework display).
Do you have your own sound and light system?
Yes, we're fully self contained with our own PA and stage lights. 

What do you need from us on the night?

Not much, a plug socket, somewhere to stand, somewhere to change clothes and our payment.

Can you play background music between your sets?

Yes, BUT.. It's only a background music, it's a medley of soft celtic songs that fills the silence before the show and during the break.
We can not play requested songs, it's not lively music, just nice background. 

Do you offer a 'Disco' Option?

We do, if you'd like us to bring our DJ system and have someone play party music for you after we've finished the live show then this is £180 extra (up to midnight) and £150 per hour after midnight

Can we hook our ipod or laptop to your PA system?

Yes, we'll supply you with a cable and you can play what you like the cost is £150 (up to Midnight) and £100 per hour after midnight.

How far do you travel?

We cover the whole of the UK and Mainland Europe providing our own transport and equipment, for other worldwide locations
(USA, Middle East, Etc.) you have to provide transport, accommodation, food, drink and all sound / light equipment.

Can you sing our first dance at our wedding?

If it's a song we already do in our show we are happy to perform an acoustic version of it for your first dance but otherwise you'll have to get the disco or the venue to play it for you.